Safe travels!

(Email from Les and Debbie received March 2)

“WE SURVIVED!!!  Our flight was just under 18 hours.  It was totally dark the whole time, until right before landing.  We are now in the gate lounge for the flight to KTM.  Fortunately we did have on demand movies and games to entertain us, and we slept some, and the 3 meals were fairly decent Thai style food, so we are not in too bad a shape.

We love you all and miss you already.  Thanks for your prayers.”


(Email from Les and Debbie received March 3)

“We are back in the dusty noisy town of KTM!  The flight in was fine … We got our tourist visas put in and then found all 4 of our suitcases.  They waved us through customs with no trouble… We will probably start shopping for needed stuff tomorrow.  We are in KTM until Thursday when we will take the Buck to Tansen.

P.S. We are 10 hours 45 minutes ahead of Ohio time.”

Debbie & Les



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2 responses to “Safe travels!

  1. Sarah Acland

    You make me so homesick! Well done settling in so fast and remembering even any Nepali. Apart from water I remember this as a lovely time of year, flowers and bright colors everywhere. Maybe I’m painting Nepal better than it is, but how I miss it.
    Is yours the same house that Max and Alison had? I think they had the whole house though. They had a rooster with a really early rising habit, striking up at 2.30 am every day. Nowadays I am woken by UPS planes roaring out overhead about 4 am, I would prefer the rooster.
    Good luck with everything and God bless you both
    love, Sarah

  2. Romy

    Lovely photo of the two of you!

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