Email Update March 8, 2012

“We had a relatively painless trip today on the UMN “buck” (bus+truck) from Kathmandu to Tansen.  Pick up at 6 AM after making 3 trips down the alley with the heavy suitcases was a bit of a struggle, but the ride was smooth.  Daal bhaat was at the same old store in Mugling, with the same crispy thin French fries.  What memories!  The road had a few rough spots, but was mostly fine.  We arrived at 3, and were met by Ganesh, followed by a retinue of old staff and Sarda didi with one of her daughters.  Lots of Namaste-s.  We went over to the house, which is 2 houses over from Henwoods’ place on the upper path.  We have a nice balcony, as well as a dining room, living room, bathroom, and kitchen on the second floor.  (The tutorial group teacher lives on the first floor.)  And the attic can be used for guest bedrooms, sleeping at least 4 people comfortably, so it is more house than we really need.  So we will look for visitors!  Tomorrow we will shop for a refrigerator, and figure out some cooking arrangements, so we can hopefully move in tomorrow.  The only bad news so far is that the barrels have not arrived.  We will be getting a nice stove and oven from Tim and Lisa when they leave in May/June, as well as some other things.

Miss you all very much.”


Les & Debbie


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