All settled!

Email from Les and Debbie:

Hi!  We have been in Tansen a week now, and are feeling pretty settled.  It is still strange to walk from the hospital on the upper path instead of the road as we used to do.  And it is also strange to not have the kids here – I keep expecting them to pop in the door or to hear their voices from the garden.

We are in an old Nepali style house, but it has been fixed up pretty well.  We are on the second floor – the first (ground) floor is being lived in by the tutorial group teacher – a lovely young woman from Australia named Sophia.  So when my mothering urges become too strong, I can go and find her!  🙂  We have a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom on the second floor – along with a balcony/porch.  We also have the attic which has been made into 3 large rooms, so we have room and beds for guests!  We share water with Sophia, and also with the landlady who lives right next door (literally) but right now that seems to be working okay.  There are power cuts (load shedding) every day – usually a couple hours in the morning and a couple in the evening.  But, we have a battery and inverter system here in the house so we have lights – and the internet still works, too, so as long as the computer battery lasts, we can use that.

When we arrived here, we were told that they had given us 2 weeks to settle in and study language, but Les was not for that at all!  We arrived on Thursday, moved into the house on Friday and Les started showing up at the hospital to work on Sunday!  We are taking some language lessons, but he just slips away for an hour to take his lesson and then is back to work.  I am also trying to fix the holes in my language that I never really learned last time – but I usually feel pretty old and unintelligent at the end of the lesson.  Words and phrases are coming back, but I still have this husband who remembers everything….:)

On Wednesday, Les was gone all day to a health camp in Nawalparasi – down on the Tarai.  They saw patients at a school there.  He left around 6 am and returned a bit before 9 pm.

We are currently 9 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Eastern time (daylight savings).

Well – time to get busy.  Thanks for your prayers and emails, etc.  Do keep in touch.  We hope to really get our blog going soon.

Love and hugs – Les & Debbie



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2 responses to “All settled!

  1. Bonnie and Gary Stokes

    Aunt Leona, Gary and I loved reading about your “settling” in and trip. Also, seeing the pictures of your home. You and Les continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. HUGS from Indiana, USA!!!

  2. scooter elcomb

    Re the oven use– our daughter lives in Greenland. Her only source of cooking was a 2 burner hot plate on hydro via the diesel engines of the villages. Now she has an oven – a hologen bulb heated one. Cooks pizzas, chickens and bread etc. About the size of a large motorcycle helmut. Also on the hydro but may be a good alterative. Good luck. I met you in Ohio along with Jean Marshall.

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