Home (photos and descriptions from Les and Debbie)

This is our house taken from the path as we are walking from the hospital towards the bazaar.

This is the front of the house – taken from the garden.

This is looking across the front of the house – our water tank! (Standing in our front door looking to the right)  The blue “house” beyond is where the land lady lives with her family. When the water comes from the city (about every other day) the land lady puts a hose into our tank and fills it.  Then we pump water up to a smaller tank on the roof so it flows down into the house.

Sophia (our downstairs neighbor) had this small gazebo built.  We kind of feel like we are living in a resort when we look out at that!  Sophia lives on the ground floor of the house, and we have the middle floor and the attic.

“This is our “living room”.  It actually has a mud floor, but is covered with linoleum.  We love the shelves in the walls, but you have to keep an eye on things – books have been known to have been eaten through by silver fish and other bugs as the walls are mud, too, just white washed. :)”

“More of the living room.  The chairs and small couch belong to our landlady – she doesn’t have room for them in her small place now.  Don’t look too closely – a few have holes that mice have chewed in them. :)”

“Our kitchen.  Also mud floor under linoleum.  We purchased the fridge in Tansen – big change from when we were here before.  The small oven is electric – we use it to bake our bread and make granola, etc.  We have no other oven right now.  We hope to get a gas oven from friends who are leaving in a couple of months.  That will be nice as it is a bit bigger, and if the elec. goes off, we can still use the gas.  (Although, gas is getting more expensive and harder to get).”

“Kitchen – Sarda, our helper, is by the gas cooker we have – 2 burners.”
“Other end of kitchen.  It is a nice big room – wish we could have had it with all the kids when they were growing up!  🙂 “
“The bathroom!!  We can now sit on our toilet, but we still flush it by pouring water from a bucket – either from under the hand washing sink, or left over water from washing clothes or showering.  It is tiled, which is nicer than the plain cement we used to have.”
“The shower.  It is an instant gas water heater.  Seems to work pretty well so far.  Since the bathroom is rather drafty, I am happy for the hot water!”
“Our bedroom.  There is a chest of drawers in the corner, but that’s pretty much it.  A small room, but quiet and right next to the bathroom!”


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6 responses to “Home (photos and descriptions from Les and Debbie)

  1. Gaynor Sheahan

    Lovely to see your home and hear how well you are both settling in. The house looks very neat and cosy. Not surprised to hear Les is back at work already. I’d be interested to know how you find TMH now in terms of the changes that have taken place while you’ve been gone. I look forward to more blogs…Take care x

  2. Chrisitne

    Hi Debbie and Les,
    Looks like you have settled in! The pics are great! It’s amazing that you are around the world, yet we can communicate so easily with you! So different than the last time you were over there. Looking forward to more! Sending our prayers!

  3. Val Watson

    I remember when the Smyes were there and we had the sunday school with birkha there.
    Glad to hear you are settling in OK.
    We had a text earlier to say that Milan and Sujata’s daughter is on her way for a months holiday from the UK. We haven’t been able to see her as often as we would have liked because she is in the south of England.
    Are you still on facebook?

  4. Imogene

    How nice to see a visual of your home. Can’t imagine how an entire house can be built of mud and not wash away during the rainy season. Thanks for sharing your pictures and descriptions of your trip and settling in. I can easily put myself in the place of your parents and children here when I think of Karen and her family so far from us in Australia. Imogene Orts

  5. ray mawson

    G’day Les & Debbie
    Judging from the photos it appears Tansen accomodation has been greatly upgraded, but not like home in the U.S. We do hope that you will remain very happy with the house and living in it and pray you both will be richly blessed in the service you are giving in UMHT. Great to hear from you. I will drop you a longer email after we see Hazel’s respiratory specialist on Tuesday next.

  6. Jude and Bruce Pipher

    Hi Debbie and Les,

    Photos look fabulous – brings back so many memories – your place is cosy!

    Much love
    Jude and Bruce

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