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Thoughts on soap-eating rats and microwave-dwelling cockroaches

(Blog update from Debbie sent April 9)

When we thought of doing a blog, we hoped to be able to post maybe once a month or so – we don’t plan to try to compete with our wonderful, but deep thinking, brother in law, or friends who post daily!  But we hope to be able to share bits of our lives here in Tansen more fully than we were able to do previously with our letters which came out 3 times a year.  And we are so thankful for our future daughter in law who is helping us do this – she is also a blogger and is much more interesting to read!  We love you, Laura!

Well – I know you must be waiting for the explanation of the title of our blog.  We had our first visit from a large rat the other night.  We had become aware of our visitor because the bar of soap Les had left on the sink (in the bathroom) was no longer there – it had “moved” to the shelves and had lots of teeth marks around the edges.  We put the soap back onto the sink and went out for the evening.  When we returned after a lovely meal with friends, we went into the bathroom and discovered the soap had again disappeared.  THEN, Les noticed the rat himself (herself?) was on the window.  I yelled (screamed?) to close the door so it wouldn’t come into the bedroom!  Les chose to shut himself into the bathroom with the rat.  He then armed himself with the tools at hand – a toilet plunger, a toilet brush, and a bucket!!  He and the rat made a lot of noise as Les chased him around the bathroom – while I helpfully stood outside the door calling “Les, are you okay?”  Finally, I heard a victory cry – from Les!  He had stunned the rat and got it under a bucket to kill it.  After he disposed of the body out in the fire pit, we could sleep better.  The next morning, our downstairs neighbor came out to ask if everything had been okay the previous night….  J  The word has hopefully spread among the local rodents that Les is a human to be feared.  We’ll see – so far there have been no more nibbled soaps!

So – that’s the first part of the title.  I am happy to say that the next part was not at our house, but at another missionary’s place.  Most of you know, I am taking over the role of Expatriot services advisor – basically I do the jobs that help get the missionaries here and housed and then back to their home countries.  I was looking at a house which will soon be vacated to see what work would need to be done to prepare it for the next newly arriving missionary.  They were showing us around and said – oh, and we have some cockroaches that live in the door of our microwave!  Somehow a couple of roaches have gotten behind the glass in the microwave door and happily live there!  You can see the outline of them when the microwave is running!  YUCK!  I have suggested that the microwave needs to be trashed.  We’ll see what happens!  Just goes to show they can live through a lot!

Now you see them…

Now you don’t!


Well – that’s it for now.  We continue to settle back into life in Tansen.  Les is in his element – this is really coming home for him.  I struggle on a bit more slowly – and I miss our kids and parents and friends and family so very much.  But – we are sure God wants us here now and I’m sure He has something to teach me along the way!  (But cockroaches in the microwave door??!!!)

More later.  Love to all!  Debbie



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