Phase Two: Enforced Rest

They discharged me from the hospital on Tuesday morning.  By the time all the paperwork and accounting was finished, it was early afternoon.  I was wheeled to the front entrance, helped into a taxi by Debbie and Lisa Rouhouneimi, and started the trip.

It was almost an hour across town in hot bumpy driving to the house of David and Ann McConkey. On one of the bumps, I hit my head on the ceiling slightly, a common occurrence in Nepal.  By the time I got inside, I was feeling a bit more dizzy and nauseous, so I laid down and had a nap.

After supper, I had developed a headache again, so I went back to bed, and spent the night tossing and turning.  By morning, I was in severe pain, and it was apparent that I needed to be back at the hospital, so David got us a taxi for the trip back…30 minutes in the lighter, early morning traffic.

Back in the hospital, they did another CT, which showed no new bleed, and the previous blood dispersing, so I was basically put back to bed with pain medicine.  The doctors all said it had been a little hasty to send me home.

Apparently bed rest at home is good, but getting there through Kathmandu traffic is not!

By Thursday, the headache had mostly subsided, and now we are just waiting.  We feel we have received excellent care, and are grateful for the doctors and staff who have cared for me.  We have internet, but the connection is not so good, especially in the afternoons.

The cable TV has great channels of Bollywood movies and local religious channels, as well as Nepali news, but very poor reception of BBC and other channels of more interest to us.  So, we have been grateful for visits and calls from friends each day

We thank you for your prayers, notes, posts, etc.  Please also pray for the hospital in Tansen as they cope with fewer doctors and other difficulties.

Much love,

Les & Debbie



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2 responses to “Phase Two: Enforced Rest

  1. Margaret Fain

    Hi Deb & Les, Unbelievable & frought with all kinds of possible negative scenarios, but thanks to the good Lord, you are in good hands. (Always with Him!), hang in there & you are in our prayers.
    Love, from Uncle Dick & Aunt Maggie

  2. Risto and Martje

    Dear Les and Debbie,

    Thank you for Les’ follow-up by his own hand! We keep praying for you and know that the Lord has His hand on you and has given you lots of helpers!! Keep getting better and listen to your doctor! (Doctors are the worst ones to treat – as you probably know……..!) Lots LOVE and greetings to you both, your children and acquaintances,
    Risto and Martje

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