Healing Places

We moved out of the hospital on Monday afternoon – 2½ days ago – and Les continues to do better.  Our final days in the hospital were good for Les to rest, and we enjoyed visits from friends daily.  Since it has been so hot here in KTM, we were thankful for the air conditioned room in the afternoons.

Our first move out was to a friend’s house only 5 minutes ride by taxi from the hospital.  They were away for a short break, so we had the house to ourselves and just enjoyed the quiet – and not having nurses and cleaning ladies in before 6 am!  The care we got at the hospital was excellent and we are thankful, but it was nice to be in a house again.  We found a bonus for us there – DVDs of Brother Cadfael and Star Trek, The Next Generation!  Things to help pass some time!

Yesterday (Wednesday) morning we arranged for the UMN vehicle to come to drive us across town to another friend’s house.  The vehicle was too big to get back to the house where we were (small roads and tight corners), but it was close enough for us.  Les has been trying to walk out around the neighborhoods several times a day – very slowly!  The trip took a bit over an hour, and in spite of the better vehicle, a/c and good driving, Les was still ready to come into the house and lay down by the end of it.

We are fortunate to be able to stay with our friend Mark Zimmerman – but he leaves on Friday for home assignment.  (His wife and sons are already gone ahead to visit family.)  It is so helpful for us to be able to stay on in their empty place until Les is ready to return to Tansen.

We have a follow-up appointment with the doctor on Sunday, June 24.  If all is well there, we will plan to fly to Bhairawa and then get the hospital vehicle to drive us up the hill to Tansen (about 2 hours).

We continue to be overwhelmed by the love and encouragement we have received from friends near and far.  We are upheld by your prayers and thank you for them.  God has been so good to us – we praise Him for his mercies!



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6 responses to “Healing Places

  1. Risto and Martje

    Praise the LORD! We hope that you have a wonderful rest in M.Zim. house, FOR AS LONG AS NECESSARY! That might include not running around the neighbourhood! Please give my kind regards to Mark, wishing him a great home assignment. Please keep the updates coming!
    Lots LOVE, Risto and Martje

  2. Margaret Fain

    Dear Les & Deb, Sure good to hear that progress is being made in Les’s recovery. Just don’t over DO !!!! Praise God for this! Keep up the getting better and both of you enjoy this “enforced” reprieve in your duties. Keep us all posted.
    Love, Aunt Maggie & Uncle Dick

  3. Imogene

    I’m glad to hear you are making progress in your recovery, Les. How fortunate that you have good friends to stay with. I’m leaving June 16 for 6 weeks in Australia but will still be in contact with home and friends on my I-pad. What a blessing technology can keep everyone in touch throughout even the far places of the world. Take care of yourselves, the two of you!

  4. Christine Harsh

    So glad Les is resting and doing better. We continue to keep you both in our prayers. Please continue to keep us updated on his progress.

  5. Amy McAuley

    Les and Debbie,
    We are continuing to hold you up in prayer and are so thankful that you are on the mend. As they say in Zambia, pong’ono pong’ono….. slowly slowly. The entire proverb is slowly slowly a bundle (of firewood) is built.
    God restore you to health,
    Amy McAuley

  6. Barbara Orth

    I’m so grateful for this blog because it makes it seem like you’re not as far away; thanks for your great posts!

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