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Beauty in hard times

About 3 weeks ago, a woman  came into the hospital to give birth to what she thought would be her second child.  She had left  her son, who is 11 years old, at home.  Instead of one baby – there were 4!  She delivered 2 boys and 2 girls – all very small.  Unfortunately, the 2 boys and 1 girl died.  However, the smallest baby (born at 600 grams) is still holding on!  Les and I went  in to see her and the mom the other day – this little one is about the size of Les’ hand.  She is drinking her mom’s milk, but through a little pipe.  She lost weight and went down to 530 grams, but is slowly picking back up again.  She is on oxygen, but if she continues to grow, we will start her on Kangaroo nursing – where she is literally strapped against the mom where she gains the skin to skin warmth and is able to nurse when she wants.

Another one of God’s amazing creations was seen on the hospital compound the other night.  The gardener had planted what looked like a stick with ugly leaves in a broken pot, and the expat was about ready to toss it, when she noticed a pod on the stem one evening, and went out later to find this:














This flower is appropriately named, “Queen of the Night”.  It blooms only once a year – and only when it is “stressed”.  It is wonderful to see a visual image of God bringing beauty from ashes – of Him bringing good from our hard times.  As we face issues that are hard or that we don’t understand – we know that we can still trust in God.

Many have commented on our story of the snake licking man.  A story which might top that occurred the other day when a man came into the hospital saying he had been playing with a snake (while intoxicated).  Apparently, the snake didn’t like the game and bit the man on his lip and right hand.  The man came in with a very swollen face and a fat lip.  It made for an interesting discussion at morning report – someone asked “Does swelling of the face meet the criteria for needing anti-snake venom?”  No one actually had an answer as most people don’t have snake bites on their faces!  (The books only dealt with extremities.)

Tansen Hospital was recently awarded the 2012 Best Hospital of the Year award by the Nepal National Health Magazine.  Our hospital director got to travel to KTM where she received an award in a ceremony which was televised!  She was able to give a short speech thanking the hospital staff for their hard work, and re-affirming our hospital motto – “We serve, Jesus heals.”  It has been the talk of the town!  The hospital provided tea and cake for all of the staff and showed off the trophy and photos of the event.  It was an encouragement for us all.

Monsoon rains continue, but our water drums on our roof are not as full as we would like…. (Poor Les ran out of water while showering, but fortunately, Debbie was there to pump some more water up so he could rinse off!). Whenever I think we are down to the last drop, God helps us – sometimes in unusual ways!  Here is a photo our recent “bucket brigade” as Les and I filled buckets of water as the rain cascaded from the roof and poured them into our drum.

Love to you all!   Look for God’s blessings – they come in all shapes and sizes!  Thanks for your prayers.  XO



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You Know it’s monsoon if…..

The salt in your shaker is one solid lump.

The clouds are floating into your bedroom in the morning.

Your grass has grown 3 inches overnight and is growing in places never seen before.

The backs of your legs and trousers are covered with flecks of mud flipped up from your sandals.

The constant dripping on the tin roof brings thoughts of water torture…

There is water everywhere except in the tank on your roof.

People take vacation from work to plant their rice fields.

Masses of ants can be seen crawling everywhere – hopefully not in your electronic equipment…

Insects and flowers of amazing color and variety can be seen (see photos below).

Umbrellas become permanently attached to your arm – for rain or for protection from the sun.

Envelopes with “sticky” that you lick to seal have already sealed themselves shut from the humidity.

Electricity becomes even less reliable than usual.


But – monsoon, for all its uncomfortable aspects, is a wonderful time of year here.  The earth seems to come alive again with the rains and the air seems cleaner.  The hills are green and the clouds lay draped over them like cotton candy.  We praise God for the renewal that comes with the rains.

This year’s monsoon has come very late and there is still a need for lots more rain for the rice and to replenish the springs to get through the dry season.  We know many places in the world are facing needs – and we pray for you as we appreciate your prayers for us.  We are thankful that God is sovereign and in control and that we can trust him.

We are thankful to be back in Tansen and that Les is doing very well.  He is enjoying being back to work – still part time at least for this week – and we both have been overwhelmed with gratitude for your prayers and support.  धन्यबाद  Dhanyabaad! (Nepali for thank you).


Much Love,  लेस (Les) and देबी (Debbie)



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