You Know it’s monsoon if…..

The salt in your shaker is one solid lump.

The clouds are floating into your bedroom in the morning.

Your grass has grown 3 inches overnight and is growing in places never seen before.

The backs of your legs and trousers are covered with flecks of mud flipped up from your sandals.

The constant dripping on the tin roof brings thoughts of water torture…

There is water everywhere except in the tank on your roof.

People take vacation from work to plant their rice fields.

Masses of ants can be seen crawling everywhere – hopefully not in your electronic equipment…

Insects and flowers of amazing color and variety can be seen (see photos below).

Umbrellas become permanently attached to your arm – for rain or for protection from the sun.

Envelopes with “sticky” that you lick to seal have already sealed themselves shut from the humidity.

Electricity becomes even less reliable than usual.


But – monsoon, for all its uncomfortable aspects, is a wonderful time of year here.  The earth seems to come alive again with the rains and the air seems cleaner.  The hills are green and the clouds lay draped over them like cotton candy.  We praise God for the renewal that comes with the rains.

This year’s monsoon has come very late and there is still a need for lots more rain for the rice and to replenish the springs to get through the dry season.  We know many places in the world are facing needs – and we pray for you as we appreciate your prayers for us.  We are thankful that God is sovereign and in control and that we can trust him.

We are thankful to be back in Tansen and that Les is doing very well.  He is enjoying being back to work – still part time at least for this week – and we both have been overwhelmed with gratitude for your prayers and support.  धन्यबाद  Dhanyabaad! (Nepali for thank you).


Much Love,  लेस (Les) and देबी (Debbie)




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6 responses to “You Know it’s monsoon if…..

  1. Becky Douthett

    Beautiful pictures! Glad you are well. We miss you and Happy 4th of July.🇺🇸🎆

  2. Risto and Martje

    I agree with Becky: Don’t those photos bring back memories! Given the problems that the supply of water can cause, the monsoon is indeed God sent. We pray that it may last a little longer, if it started a little later! We need those Hospital tanks full!
    We continue to pray for Les’ FULL recovery, and the realisation that pushing oneself as one gets older may have unintended consequences…. Lots of LOVE, Risto and Martje

  3. Val Watson

    Love the photo’s. Have just come back from youth camp weekend, under canvas, where we also had plenty of wind, rain, mud, thunderstorms and rapidly growing grass. No fabulous insects in sight. Also a great time for the young people. I think the UK is getting used to the idea of having a months rain in just 1 or 2 days this summer, just wish I could call it the monsoon!

  4. Sarah Acland

    Oh how homesick you make me! But yes, there definitely were drawbacks…..
    So wonderful that you are back home and Les is better, the hills are green and things are growing.
    Love and blessings, Sarah.

  5. Rob Scott

    Hi Les and Debbie
    Wonderful to hear Les is recovering quickly.
    Hope you’re looking after yourself too Debbie.
    Thanks so much for the photos, I’m astonished by the moth’s artistic beauty.

  6. Sally Wakasugi

    Recently I am memorizing scriptures for my devotions. This week is Rom. 5: 1-5. I like the part that says, “…suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us…” Today is my first time to see your blog. The name made me think of my memory verses and your challenging lifestyle reminds me that God blesses “gambariya-san” such as yourselves. I love you!! Your characters definitely create hope within my heart!! Gambatte through every season in Nepal!!

    Love, Sally

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