Return to Tansen

As I sit here at my computer, I have to sit more closely than usual as we are having a power outage, and the light from the battery and inverter is not as bright as the regular lights…..  I can hear children singing in the distance as tonight is Laxmi Puja – part of the Tihar festival here in Nepal.  It is ironic that this is the Festival of Lights – and tonight all the lights have gone out!

We are back in Tansen after a wonderful visit to the U.S. where we were able to be part of our son Luke’s wedding to our beautiful new daughter-in-love, Laura, in Knoxville, TN.  Not only was the time with family and the wedding itself wonderful, but we enjoyed the beautiful autumn colors of the Appalachian mountains as we drove to and from the celebration.  We were also so happy to be able to attend Hannah’s junior flute recital at Asbury University.  We enjoyed our time with many friends and family, but it all went too quickly and there were many we didn’t get to see (or see enough!).

We were also thankful for the reminders of so many of you who are praying for us and helping to support us here and we appreciate that so much.  We feel so blessed through our family and friends and we miss you when we are here!  We would welcome any who would like to come for a visit!!

When we arrived back here, it was to some of the most spectacular views of the mountains that we have seen since we returned in March.  The entire range was out in full magnificence for 5 or 6 days straight.  Simply stunning.

Unfortunately, the beauty of this country which draws so many hikers and tourists does not translate into wealth for the people who live here.  So many people seem to be so needy here – requests for money come much more frequently than we feel ready to deal with.  We recently helped a friend with money for her son’s entrance fees into a lab training program – only to learn that there would be other major expenses to be covered over the 3 years of the course.  Another nurse wants to further her education (to the tune of about $2400) – and she needs the money in a matter of days.  Her mother lives in a one room apt and her sister works for the missionaries as a househelper, so they are not a family that is well off – and $2400 represents more than a year’s salary for them.  Please pray for us as we sort through these requests – we want to follow God’s leading in this.

Closing on an interesting note for us – the local crows, along with the many stray dogs, are happier these past few days as these are the few days of the year that people are supposed to treat them well – leaving food out for them. (This is part of the celebration of Tihar) The cow which lives among the shops outside the hospital has a permanent red patch on its forehead now as so many have put the red powder used for worship on it.  (The cow is considered holy among the Hindu people).

The festival season in Nepal will be over at the end of this week.  As you in the west enter into the holiday season there, we pray that you will especially remember to be thankful for your blessings and to enjoy the gifts of friends and family.



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4 responses to “Return to Tansen

  1. Peter A Block

    Thanks for your letter with the wonderful pictures. Great that you could be home for Luke’s wedding. Over the years that we spent overseas we missed so many important family events. You can’t get those times back. So we are so happy for you that you could make it. Also great that you could be at Hannah’s flute rehearsal.

    God bless.

    Peter & Arlene Block 1412-10th Street, Saskatoon, SK, S7H 0J5

  2. Risto Gobius

    THANK YOU,Debbie and Les, for this beautiful letter which expressed your love of creation and the frustrations your compassion for those around you has to suffer in the face of human need(s). To be enabled or simply to have to say “No” is one of the most difficult things in a missionary’s life. We wished we could tell you the secret as to how to do it because each request has its own ramifications to take into consideration. We will pray for your wisdom, discernment and continued compassion to enable to hear the Lord give His answer.
    In LOVE, Risto and Martje (the latter fresh from a visit to our youngest son and family in Vanuatu)

  3. Margaret Fain

    Hi Deb & Les, sure glad to hear you had a safe return to Tansen. Deb, did you want email addresses ? The ultrasoundmary is still valid. We are glad Rachel enjoyed her “bar” experience. Love, Maggie & Dick

  4. Rob Scott

    Wonderful to see you all together at Luke and Laura’s wedding. Please send them blessings and love.
    Oh the paradoxes of life in Tansen! May you hold onto these imponderables wisely.
    Love Rob

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