An American Thanksgiving in Tansen

Nov 22, 2012 (or Mansir7, 2069) – depending on which calendar you are working with…. was just a regular working day in Tansen, Nepal!  Except in the kitchens of the American families.  Doug and Tarisa baked 3 chickens – and they were delicious!  (These chickens were purchased in the shops that kill the animals in the morning and set them out (sometimes under nets) to sell that day.  Best to go shopping early!)  Tarisa’s sons created fun table decorations.

Becky is a single lady and a doctor, so she had to work that day.  She brought the drinks – Yes, we can get Coke and Pepsi and Orange Fanta!  She also brought her special tea bags to share for those who wanted hot drinks after the meal.  (Believe it or not – no one drank coffee!)  Becky also had her house-helper bake rolls and an apple pie – pie dough from scratch – apples not from a can….

Andrea made an amazing carrot soufflé – but she wouldn’t tell us how much sugar she put in! She also peeled, boiled, and mashed a mountain of potatoes, and then cooked up gravy from scratch, as well.

One couple just arrived that evening right off the buck (bus/truck) but they did their part – they brought a bag of candy corn, and a can of French fried onion rings to go on top of the green bean casserole Debbie had made.  Debbie also made stuffing from scratch – and pumpkin and pecan pies!  (Okay – confession time – our house-helper made the pie crusts, and she made the pumpkin pie.)  There are no pecans in Nepal (we brought them from the U.S.).  There is also no Karo syrup here – did you know you can make it with sugar, water and corn starch?  Anyway – the results were delicious!

We enjoyed spending time after dinner giving thanks for many blessings – Tarisa and her son, Luke, had made a Thanksgiving tree, and we all wrote our praises on leaves and put them on the tree.

We often say here that 9 pm is the missionary midnight, so the evening didn’t go late – Friday was another working day.  (Nothing black about it here!)

Praying your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that this holiday season would continue to be filled with thanks to our great God.



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8 responses to “An American Thanksgiving in Tansen

  1. Imogene

    You write so well! I can almost taste your Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. Margaret Fain

    We too had a great Thanksgiving in Florida with our friends and the next day with cousin Sue & Ron Dunlap. And yes we have SO much for which to be Thankful ! AMEN !!!

  3. Chrisitne

    Sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving! Grandma would be proud of the Pecan Pie! Katie made one here and it was yummy! And I agree with Aunt Maggie, we have so much for which to be thankful!!!

  4. I had a great Thanksgiving with my daughter in a room on the beach in Oregon. A monumental storm made the view dramatic and exciting, we cooked a pretty simple meal in a very simple kitchen, it was delicious! Chicken cooked in herbed cream cheese sauce followed by apple meringue from Bea’s own apples. Not traditional, but fun and isn’t that the point? – to make conditions right for true gratitude. Your Tansen Thanksgiving took me back to cooking on a stovetop in Kathmandu, and a great Thanksgiving with the Rollins family. I just heard from them again, breaking new ground in India. How I miss you all.

    • I am glad that our ” family “, in Tansen can still have a good time together and food is involved. Years ago, like 25 to 30 years ago we enjoyed spiced roast pork. Nirmal raised the pigs below the guest house and we all gathered at the guest house
      for our Thanksgiving dinner.All of you are in our thoughts often and prayers too. As Sarah said, we miss you all.

  5. Risto Gobius

    It’s great to keep meaningful traditions wherever one finds him/herself. It keeps the memories of bygone eras living and children may ask, “Where does this traditon come from?” A very biblical question that took tassles and phylacteries to keep alive.
    Keep it up, y’all !!
    Risto and Martje

  6. Sally Wakasugi

    Debbie, your news never fails to bless me. I’m glad you had friends to share Thanksgiving with; wish I could’ve been there, too (as nothing happens in Japan in my circle anymore). Thankful to God for your wonderful example of living life to the fullest in all environments.



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