It was a Wednesday and I was hurrying to the small school where I was scheduled to teach music and movement to the missionary children. “Debbie Didi, Debbie Didi!” I heard someone calling me (Didi is older sister). Pushba, one of the ladies from church, asked me if I had heard about the picnic planned for the ladies’ group at church. I hadn’t,  so she told me an outing had been planned and that they wanted me to be the speaker!

At a picnic?!

I hesitated, not really feeling adequate to prepare a talk. She said, “It’s a picnic, so it doesn’t have to be so long – maybe only 30 or 45 minutes.” Oh, my. So – “When is this picnic?” I asked. “Next Wednesday.”

Since we had guests staying with us that whole week, I didn’t get much time to spend on my preparation. (We were so happy to have Tim and Val from Australia with us and loved all the time we had to visit! Thanks to them, as well, for the inspiration and encouragement for the talk I prepared.) But, I prayed and wrote and made Les help me do the translation into Nepali!

Some of you might be thinking, “A picnic in December?” Yes, here in Tansen, it is actually a lovely time of year to do it. Being outside in the sun is where you can be warm; inside the houses it is quite chilly. And when the sun goes down, more layers are needed! So, we piled about 40 women into a bus that seats 25 along with firewood, big pots, bags of rice, etc. on Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. We drove down to a large field near a friend’s farm and unloaded to set up our picnic!

First, we built fires and made “chiya” (Nepali tea: you boil tea, sugar, milk and sometimes cardamom and cinnamon together) and had snacks of hard boiled eggs and bread. The women then started on various activities: some went to a nearby field and picked “moulah” (big white radishes), some started chopping vegetables that had been purchased from nearby shops, and some chopped meat. There were also several groups of cows that wandered by us and had to be chased away.

We had some games and then some singing, dancing and worship. My turn to speak came at around 2 p.m. I had planned a couple of games and activities which we started with, and then I gave my message. After I was done, one of the Nepali leaders stood and did a recap – basically repeating and elaborating on what I had said. This was actually good. First, because I knew that at least she had understood what I had said and second, because the ladies who maybe hadn’t understood me would probably understand her!

We finally had our lunch around 3 pm. It was delicious: rice, curried vegetables, two types of meat, and spicy radish “achar” (chutney). I never cease to be amazed how they can make this over a couple of wood fires and have it all hot to serve.

After we ate and cleaned up (which was amazing to watch – there were no sinks or dishwashers – only water poured from pitchers to rinse dishes), people were ready to go. Unfortunately, the bus was delayed and didn’t show up until after 6:30! By that time, it was dark but we were happy that the moon had risen so at least we could see a bit.

It was a long day, but very nice to just have the time to sit and chat with other believers and to feel a bit more part of the ladies’ group here… And to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Enjoy the photos!


Making Chiya

Making chiya



Gathering moulah

Gathering moulah



Carrying Mom’s bag and enjoying snacks!

Carrying Mom's bag and enjoying snacks!







Chopping veggies

Chopping veggies



Pretending to help…

Pretending to help...



The real cooks

The real cooks



Cleaning rice

cleaning rice



Enjoying the sun!

Enjoying the sun!



Drinking water… in close proximity to cow pies!

Drinking water - in close proximity to cow pies!



Friendly cows

Friendly cows







Singing and dancing

Singing and dancing



Let’s eat!

Let's eat!



Clean up

Clean up



Rubbing mud on a pan to make clean-up easier

Rubbing mud on pan to make clean up easier



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6 responses to “Picnic!

  1. Thanks, Debbie………really enjoyed this!

  2. Hazel Buckner

    Hi, Debbie and Les – What a great blog-site! I hadn’t kept up very well for several weeks, so am really impressed with the technical aspect of your communication (also very envious! – since I haven’t yet learned how to add a photo to a letter) – and of course the faithfulness of your sharing the work and your faith journey with your friends and supporters. It brings us all into participation. Our best wishes and prayers – Hazel and Bob Buckner

  3. Risto Gobius

    Thank you, Debbie, for bringing back memories of the country and its people!It suddenly reminded me of the goats that were ‘walked’ past our house to the place where we held the Hospital Staff Annual Feast. At 9.00 AM the goats walked past, at 3.00 pm they were on our plates!

    Love, Risto and Martje

  4. Peter

    Thank you for your latest update. I have heard so many wonderful things about Nepal from Shirley and the family. Maybe one day (God willing) I will get to visit and see it all for myself!


    The Carr’s

    Ps 121

  5. val

    I used to love the way everything they needed was taken with them. I remember the time we went down to Parbas and they got John to kill one of the chickens.

  6. Alison

    Very evocative Debbie – felt like I was there! nice that Tim and Val were there to share too, lovely

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