It seems that some of our greatest sadness and our greatest joys come from children!  We were so sad to hear of the school shootings in CT this past week.  We cannot imagine the pain and grief those families will go through.  But when there are successful endings to stories with children – they are so joyful!  Through it all we continue to place our hope in Jesus Christ.

We first heard about little Asa when our new pharmacist showed Les and another doctor a photo of a young girl who had an enormous belly.  Both of the doctors immediately suspected liver disease, but said it is too hard to make a final diagnosis with a photo – the girl needs to come to the hospital.

It was Asa’s school principal who first brought her to the attention of the local health workers.  Asa was attending the small village school, but it was very obvious that something was wrong.  The principal had seen that she was a bright girl and wanted to try to help.  Asa’s mother has mental health problems and her younger brother is mentally handicapped.  They were all living in a shed alongside the animals they were raising to try to support themselves.

Through a Christian Nepali lady in Pokhara, who had to travel to the village to convince Asa’s mother to allow her to come to the hospital, this little girl arrived in Tansen.  When she was examined, it was happily discovered that she had a treatable condition – and an operation was done in the hospital.  The surgeons removed a giant congenital hepatic cyst. Asa’s uncle, a very loving and supportive man, stayed with her in the hospital during her recovery period.

Asa continues to heal and do well – turning back into the bright, young, healthy girl she was meant to be!  With help from the hospital charity care (thanks to those of you who support this!) Asa and her family left with no medical debts, and will hopefully be able to have a better life in the   future.

Asa is this girl’s name – in Nepali, it means “hope”.  We are glad she found hope here in Tansen – and we pray that what she learned about Jesus while she was here will also continue to give her hope.


Asa and her Mom

Asha and Mom.2


Asa’s belly

Asha's belly.2


Asa and her uncle post-surgery

Asa and uncle post surgery



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5 responses to “Asa

  1. Elaine

    Praise God for Asa and for what her name means! How exciting! Merry Christmas!

  2. Rose Morgan

    Great to hear susch a positive story. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.
    We think and pray for you and your mission work.
    May you have a wonderful holiday and know that Hannah and Rachael were ‘caught’ singing carols in Nepalese last Sunday!!
    Rose and David Morgan

    • Risto Gobius

      Dear Debbie and Les,
      Great story of concern for others by both Nepali and expats. PTL for the skills needed and present. One happy little girl hopefully going home soon, looking quite different from when she went.
      May your Christmas be Blessed!
      Risto and Martje

  3. Margaret Fain

    What a wonderful story and that it is true and the outcome is nothing short of miraculous. Thank God for your presence there to tell us about it and to aid in the accomplishment of her treatment. Love, Aunt Maggie

  4. Deb and Les you are a Blessing to the Kingdom and I so admire the work that you do. To live a sacrificial life style for Jesus is so awesome

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