Memories and Snippets of Life in Tansen

 21 years ago today, our youngest daughter was born here in Tansen! Hannah Maya entered the world in Guest House Annex 6 because her mother refused to give birth in the hospital delivery room.  (It looked like a dark closet and everyone could stand at the door looking in!!)  The current delivery room is much nicer (not that I ever intend to use it!)

It was a chilly morning on Feb. 1, 1992.  Les had morning duty that day – it was a Saturday.  We had no phone in our house, so we decided to all walk to the hospital together just in case….  Rachel and Luke ran circles around Debbie as she slowly walked (waddled?) up to the hospital compound.  Hannah was born just after 2:30 pm…she was delivered by a wonderful British midwife.  (Thanks, Val Watson!)

Saturday afternoons at 4 are the English worship services at the Guest House.  This particular day, a good friend of ours (Max Watson) was leading the service, and as he was praying for me and our baby, Les entered the room with newborn Hannah!  Someone was peeking during the prayers and whispered loudly, “They’re here!”  We have a wonderful photo of all the children gathered around Les and Hannah – she was prayed into the world by friends from many different countries.  Such good memories.  Happy Birthday, Hannah.  We love you!

Hannah turns one!

Hannah is one


Hannah in October 2012.

Hannah - compressed


Les went off to Kathmandu yesterday on what is called a “micro”.  It is actually a small van outfitted with as many seats as can possibly go in – I think they squeeze at least 17 or 18 passengers into what we would probably say is a van that should hold 8…..  Anyway, he arrived safely (thank you, God!) and he is staying with our good friends in KTM while he attends training to be a trainer.  Les is in charge of the training courses and is involved in teaching many of them here at the hospital.  He does a great job and hopefully this training will make him even better!  He has 8 days in a row of training Friday through Friday.  He will be ready for a break after that!

Our hospital director is a lovely lady from UK (Rachel Karrach) who has been in Tansen since 1994.  Her father has been coming to stay with her each winter. He is 88 and very active and healthy.  Unfortunately, as he was headed out the other day with lunch for him and his daughter, he slipped on some rocks on the path and fell.  He got a crack in a bone, so is in a “boot”.  We are sorry as he will miss walking around the town.  Pray he heals up quickly!  We are fortunate to have great orthopedic surgeons here in Tansen, but the paths you have to walk are not conducive to going on crutches or in a cast!

We had a farewell party for a doctor leaving to return to the U.S. last weekend.  It is always an emotional time – and hard as it is to leave, I think it is actually harder to stay behind.  There is a huge hole in our lives where these people previously were and with so many people coming and going, it doesn’t ever seem to heal before the next farewell occurs.  Fortunately, there are lots of hellos which do help to balance things a bit!

Les and I attended a young woman’s wedding in Pokhara a couple of weeks ago.  She is a dentist – a Nepali woman – and a believer.  She married a Nepali man who is the only believer in his family.  His parents didn’t come to the wedding because they are so unhappy that he is a Christian and that he married a Christian in a church.  Please pray for this young couple as they struggle to start married life in a culture that is still negative towards believers.

Bikash and Mahima comp.

Mahima & Bikash comp.

Finally, we really enjoyed a visit from Les’s younger sister and her family who came and spent a week with us earlier in January.  We had a great time showing them around Tansen, taking them out to a village for a meal at a friend’s house, and going to Chitwan together where we rode elephants and canoes in the jungle and spotted rhinos and crocodiles among other animals.  Thanks for coming Lynn, Chuck, Josh, Emily and Joanna!

Kuehns comp

Emily bathing with elephant

Thanks for reading – God Bless.  We value your prayers and encouragement.



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8 responses to “Memories and Snippets of Life in Tansen

  1. Romeo L del Rosario

    Thanks, Debbie and Les. I enjoyed reading your news. Blessings always. Romy

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Margaret Fain

    Hi Deb & Les. Your message today came as I was looking for my family book to find out how old Hannah is today ! As usual I am late sending cards and so hers will be late. I so enjoyed reading your story today and I pray Les will get back to Tansen safely! We have snow today and single digit temp. Yesterday our dulcimer group played for a former member who died a few days ago, “I’ll Fly Away”, his favorite and ours too. He was only 52 and an exceptional Christian. He lived in constant pain and is now at ease. Stay well & be safe.
    Love, Aunt Maggie

  3. Bev Crocker

    I’m so happy Lynn and her family got to visit! This was a really interesting newsletter! I always forward it to my Mom’s sister in Kentucky.

  4. Risto Gobius

    We are so privilege to remember the occasion!! Les sticking Hannah’s little head around the door was/is something to be remembered as observing something like that is not a daily occurrence!
    Grest that Les has this Training the Trainer Course opportunity. Many will subsequently benefit in future years from the experience that he has now. We do pray too that he will return safely. Travelling in a ‘micro’ in Nepal is courageous!
    Please give our love to Rachel with the wishes that he will heal soon and once again be enabled to walk the roads!
    Lastly, to familiarise family with one’s abode abroad is so good for strengthening bonds through deeper understanding. I bet Les’ sister loved it!
    Lots LOVE, Risto and Martje

  5. Imogene

    Your posts are always so informative and fun to read. Happy Birthday to Hannah and safe travels to Les.

  6. Jeff & Judy Dorrel

    It is good to hear from you and what is happening half way across the world. I am sure Les will learn alot and pass that information on to his peers and students. God is so good to us as I know you are a blessing to those around you. Isn’t it amazing how quickly our children grow and develop lives of their own. You are in our thoughts and prayers as this time moves on. Eternity will make this time seem so short. Continue in His will until we come together again. All our love, Jeff & Judy

  7. val

    I well remember the day, it was always a privilege to deliver the babies of colleagues. It has also been a privilege to hear how they have grown and developed as young adults. Those days seem so long ago and yet it helps in my work here with the asylum seekers who are so far from home and loved ones.

  8. Sarah Acland

    Thank you for another great letter. One day I’m going to come and see you! If Rachel’s dad can come surely I could – He sounds like a real trouper! Bless you all.

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