Tansen News Service


It has come to our attention that a stealthy and bloodless coup has occurred this week in the Admin wing of the Tansen Mission Hospital. In this normally quiet corridor, the decision-making administrators of the hospital go about their work and strive to keep the hospital running well.

Our two hard-working, intrepid secretaries, Domanti and Top, have noticed that all their directives have been coming from only one source lately – Dr. Les!

When Dr. Les first returned to Tansen in March, 2012, he was asked to be the “RIPE” coordinator. (Rural InterProfessional Education). He was happy to help with training staff and other medical workers here at the hospital and loved seeing patients in the clinics. This pleasant state of affairs lasted for about a year.

The first change was the departure of Dr. Rachel Karrach, Hospital Director, in April 2013 for 5 months of home assignment in UK. Les was asked to be part of the “management team” to cover her absence. He gained access to her office at that point.


Soon after that, Dr Niranjan Sharma, Medical Superintendent, had to take extended leave for family reasons. Les took on those duties, and gained this office, as well.


Late last week, Bhuwaneshwor, Hospital Administrative Officer, needed to take leave for about 10 days. Another office.


Finally, last evening, the Nursing Superintendent, Sr. Ganga Jirel, asked for several days of leave.


Les now has 5 offices, too many keys to count, and various hats he is supposed to be wearing. (He still prefers the Akubra which was brought from Australia…)

So – will this coup succeed? Will Dr. Les lock himself in the Admin wing and take over? Or will he give the keys back as various people return to work? Les responded (as he ran between offices) “No, No and YES! And COME BACK SOON!”

Tansen news service….signing off.

*Please note that this is a fictional news story – but it is true that Les is covering for all 4 other department heads for several days this week. This is why we need your prayers!



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12 responses to “Tansen News Service

  1. Risto Gobius

    Hey Les! You got them prayers, man, Lots of them! (As an aside: I don’t know a better man who can do it! Praise the Lord!!!) Risto

  2. Imogene Orts

    Loved this post. So well written and illustrated! When I got to the end, I realized that even though it was portrayed in a humorous fashion, Les is more overworked than ever at the moment. Blessings to all of you. Imogene

  3. Alison Morgan

    And yesterday morning he was in charge of the Emergency room too! Superman indeed! I agree with Risto…

  4. Bob and Karen Luetje

    Good luck, Les! We are glad to see that you still have a confident smile on your face! We are praying for you all.
    Karen and Bob

  5. Bonnie stokes

    Always holding you all up in prayers!!!

  6. Margaret Fain

    What a great story! He can do it! With you to keep him on track, how can he go wrong! Clever take, I thought at first sentence that it was a real “coup” ! Maggie

  7. Bob Mucha

    AHAh. The plot sickens!


  8. Great story! Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for the staff and patients), Les will probably do such a good job, that he’ll be asked to do it again, and again, and again…

    Praise point from here: The school allowed our daughter Bhadri to register for her classes for this fall as we have all been praying. God brought about miracles in certain people’s attitudes in a very big way!!! Thanks for your prayers

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    Training Director and Asia Regional Director
    Christian Veterinary Mission
    19303 Fremont Ave North
    Shoreline, WA 98133
    Email: kstoufer@cvmusa.org
    CVM Annual Shortcourse is August 19-23
    Kansas City, MO
    Registration is now open
    Click here to read more and register
    [Logo no verse_tiny.jpg]
    Ephesians 4:1

  9. Barb Balsmeyer

    Dave wants to know if you (Debbie) are taking care of the patients. What an overload of duties, Les!! I’d suggest a skate board, but probably not a good idea for you. We’ll keep you in our prayers.

  10. Bev Barnett

    Oh my! That’s a lot of plates to keep spinning! I’m sure Les will do an excellent job, as always.

  11. Hi there! Don´t forget the Barbershop Singers Department 🙂 Love from Sweden!
    Olof and Miriam

  12. Sarah Acland

    I am very impressed that Les wears a TIE to work at Tansen – In the summer!

    Sent from my iPad Sarah Acland

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