Embarrassing moments

“It’s time to write another blog.  What shall we share about?”

“How about the time that….”

“No – that’s too embarrassing…..”

“That’s okay – everyone already knows we aren’t perfect!”

“You first!”

Oh, yes – we have many embarrassing moments here.  But we are keeping our Nepali friends and neighbors amused and entertained!

Recently, Debbie was given care of a lovely and delicious looking cake to carry to a meeting to share.  It was to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary.  While walking to the meeting – balancing the cake, a flashlight and an umbrella – the cake popped out of the spring-form pan and landed upside down on the dirt path… She tried to pick it up and carry it on (in pieces) but it wasn’t so appetizing anymore – as anyone who has seen what might be found on a path around here will agree!  Note the added pebbles to the dropped cake….

fallen cake....

Les has become the proud owner of a mountain bike.  The roads and paths around here are not smooth, even, or flat – and out of his four rides so far, he has had “unscheduled dismounts” on two of them.  The most recent involved a group of goats on the road – around whom Les steered slowly and carefully.  As he was passing the last goat, he let off the brakes and quickly picked up speed down the path – and only then noticed that there was a long rope attached to one of the goats which was stretched across the road in front of him!!  In trying to stop in time, the tire locked up and Les flew over the handlebars onto the path.  Fortunately, the helmet was new and saved his head.  Only scrapes and bruises this time.  (Thank you, God!)  To add to the feelings of inadequacy, he found out later that some friends of ours witnessed the whole thing from their nearby house.  They were about to come and help when Les got up and continued on his ride…

Debbie was recently at a Bible study at church with a large group of women – it was led by some visitors from the U.S.  During the talk, she was able to provide some words to help in the translation (when Les found out, he said something like “YOU provided the words??!!”)  Note the astonishment in his voice… keeps Debbie humble.  Well, as the morning went on, she got a bit distracted, and was highly embarrassed when suddenly she realized everyone was waiting for her to fill in a word – and she had completely lost track of the talk.  Oh well….

And Les gets the final one for today…  In the OPD clinics, the doctors call the names of people to come in to be seen for follow up. Les called a name and 2 men came in.  One sat in the chair, and the other stood behind him. Les assumed it was a family member as people rarely come to the hospital on their own.  Well, this person (according to the chart) had come in to have abdominal fluid checked out.  Les had him lie down and thought he looked and felt very thin for having had fluid…  The other man kept saying things like – please read that chart.  Les said, “I am reading this chart to see what has been written!”  Les took a needle and tried to get some fluid, but none came.  Finally, the man standing said, “I am the one with the fluid – this man is someone else!”  Fortunately, no harm was done – the first man was asked to wait until his name was called and then he was helped later, and the other man got his fluid tested!

Not boring around here….Thanks for your prayers!



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2 responses to “Embarrassing moments

  1. RisMart

    As you said,,” None us is perfect …………”. Thankfully no harm was done in any of the happenings!

    Lots LOVE, Risto and Martje

  2. Margaret Fain

    Even in those “underdeveloped” places , there are still distractions that keep us emabarrassed to say the least! Am heading to view Hannah’s concert tonite with Juanita & my grandaughter Kelsey. Should be a nice evening.

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