Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

For those of you familiar with Menotti’s “Amahl and the Night Visitors”, the blog title may start a melody in your mind! Many of you know that Debbie’s father has sung the role of Kaspar (the slightly wacky and deaf king…. no offense, dad!) several times – and we can still hear him giving thanks by singing (in his beautiful tenor voice) – Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I know Thanksgiving Day is over for this year, but thankfulness continues to be much of what we are feeling these days.

First – we are so thankful for our safe travels during our whirlwind trip to the U.S. in November. Debbie has stated that she doesn’t want to do such a short trip again! We landed in Los Angeles on Nov. 8, and flew out of Chicago on Nov. 25. During that time we were in CA, IL, IN, OH, MI, and KY. We were so thankful to see so many friends and family – Les’s mom and 2 sisters in CA (along with some nieces and nephews as well), Deb’s sister and family also in CA, Deb’s brother and part of his family in IN, Luke and Laura in MI (along with quick visits with another niece and old friends from Tansen), Rachel and Deb’s parents and other family in OH and IN, and Hannah in KY! And of course, many friends in Middletown! Thanks to everyone who drove us, welcomed us, dined us, and loved us! We miss you all!

Les's mom


Les’ Mom


Sushi with Luke, Laura and niece, Maria


Sushi with Luke, Laura and niece- Maria


We were so thankful to be with Laura for her birthday – we are so happy to have her as part of our family and to see the wonderful life she and Luke are creating together. Poor Laura was with Les and Debbie as we drove down to Middletown – right through the line of tornadoes and thunderstorms that hit IL, IN and MI on Nov. 17. We did have to pull off the road at one point since we couldn’t see a thing…but we reached home safely. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We were driving down that day in order to be with Hannah for her senior recital at Asbury University. We were so incredibly proud of her and thankful to be part of that special evening. Anyone who is interested in the links to watch it on YouTube, email me and I’ll send them to you!

Hannah and Deb's parents at recital


Hannah and Deb’s parents at Hannah’s Senior Recital


Rachel and Deb eating - again!


Rachel and Deb eating again

Meanwhile – we were keeping tabs on what was happening in Nepal – and we were thankful that the elections on Nov. 19 were peaceful. The Maoist party lost most of their seats and were not happy, but it was good that the voters were free to express their feelings! Even Jimmy Carter was here for the elections! Now – we are waiting to see how the new government will function.

We left Chicago around 8:30 pm on Monday, Nov 25 and arrived in Doha about 13 hours later. After going through security to enter the airport, we waited about 9 hours for our flight to KTM. It was a beautiful trip – lovely mountain views as we were landing after about a 5 hour ride. We spent the night in KTM with friends and then rode the hospital bus to Tansen – since Debbie slept most of the way, the 9 hour trip didn’t seem quite as long as usual!

view from airplane - Doha to KTM

View from the plan from Doha to Kathmandu


View from plane coming into KTM


View from the plane coming in to Kathmandu


We arrived back to a warm welcome in Tansen – and it was Thanksgiving day! So – we went to dinner at another American friend’s home and enjoyed a wonderful meal including roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole (We had brought some French fried onion rings back with us!), sweet potato souffle (thanks for the recipe, La Comedia!), salad, cranberry sauce (also from the U.S.) and rolls. Dessert was pretty spectacular, as well – apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie! And neither of us fell asleep into our plates! We did pretty much eat and leave, though!




Now we are catching up on work, enjoying the beautiful mountain views as we walk in the mornings, and looking forward to greeting Rachel, Luke and Laura when they arrive in KTM on Dec 16 to be here for Christmas!

Last night we had a wonderful gathering put on by 4 Dutch nursing students – the celebration of Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas). We had a visit from St. Nick and his sidekick, Peter and enjoyed games, sweets and gifts. How wonderful to live in Nepal, and to celebrate American Thanksgiving one week, and the Dutch Sinterklaas celebration the next!

St. Nicholas and  Peter


St. Nicholas and Peter


God Bless you! And enjoy the Christmas season – remembering it really is all about Jesus!



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4 responses to “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  1. Margaret Fain

    Hi Deb & Les, Sure sorry we didn’t get to see you while you were “home” but sounds like you were VERY busy. We are thankful you have had safe travels & hope Rachel, Luke & Laura will also. I love the photo you had sent before of the mountains & even have been using it for my screensaver although the resolution was a bit “diluted”. I always enjoy your blogs and so keep them up. Have a blessed Christmas with your children & friends and a Healthy Happy New Year!
    Love from Uncle Dick & Aunt Maggie

  2. Romeo L. del Rosario

    Very beautiful letter! Great photos! And I am thankful to God for your enjoyable and safe journey to many places and meeting many much-loved people. Enjoy the anticipation of Christmas and Christmas itself. May it be Christ-filled!
    I leave for Seattle, WA on Dec 20 to join my brothers and sister, their respective families and our extended family and many friends for Christmas and the transition into the new year. I return to Phnom Penh on January 4. I look forward to sleeping and reading on the plane.
    Thanks, Debbie and Les.

  3. Ed and Jean Hollenberg

    Hi Les and Debbie, So glad to get your thanksgiving letter. That trip was jam- packed but exhilaratiing. We wish you a vry Christsmas and New year filled with love wonder and Grace. Good health to you. Ed and Jean

  4. Dear Debbie and Les,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date! Indeed a whirlwind trip and many experiences!C

    We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a fruitful 2014 in which you can serve with your many great gifts. We praise the Lord !!!

    :Lots LOVE, in Him, Risto and Martje

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