22 years ago today…

22 years ago today, Hannah was born here in Tansen!  It is one of those days that is fun to replay in our minds – and to remember with thankfulness.  If you want to reminisce with us, please read on….  (I know some of this is the same as last year, but I think that living here where it happened again brings the memories back even more!)

We had been in Tansen for just over a year in Feb, 1992… throughout my pregnancy with Hannah, one of my biggest concerns was actually getting to the hospital from our house to deliver!  The midwife who was looking after me had put a delivery kit into our house, just in case, and the last 3 nights that Les was on call at the hospital, another nurse friend slept at the house with Rachel, Luke and me.  (Rachel was 4 and Luke was 2).

We lived down the hill from the hospital – it was about a 10 minute brisk walk from our house up to the hospital.  We had no phone in our house and cell phones were unheard of at the time.  There were only a handful of vehicles in Tansen – and no ambulance – at least not one with wheels!  (There were people you could hire to carry you on their backs in a basket.)  There were several tea shops and stores between our house and the hospital, and my fervent prayer was that I didn’t have to stop and deliver in one of those!

That Saturday morning (Feb 1) Les was scheduled to do morning rounds.  I had been feeling that the delivery time was near, so we decided to all walk up to the hospital together that morning and the kids and I would wait in the Guest House to see what would happen.  While Les worked, Rachel and Luke played happily and I sat and watched them and sometimes read books to them – while labor was increasing….  Les came over for lunch – which everyone ate except me!  At that point, the doctor and midwife came in and suggested I move to a room in the GH annex – a more quiet and secluded place, but still on the hospital compound.  I was happy as the delivery room in the hospital was like a dark cave with the door opening to the nursing area and with a good view for anyone wanting to watch.  (Happily the state of the hospital delivery rooms is much better these days.)

Things went quickly after that – and Hannah was born at 2:30 pm.  She was our smallest baby – weighing in at just 3 kg (6lbs 10 oz).  She has remained “Nepali sized” – just perfect for her!

Hannah is born

That afternoon at the GH was the weekly English service at 4pm.  Near the end of that, Les went into the service with newborn Hannah just in time to hear our friend praying for the safety of Debbie and the delivery of the baby.  One of the children looked up and whispered loudly, “They’re here!”  We have a lovely photo of all the children and adults gathered around Hannah – welcoming and blessing her.

Well – Hannah is now a grown woman – currently in her final semester at Asbury University majoring in Music Education.  She is doing her student teaching and thinking and praying about what to do after graduation.  We have been so thankful for her presence in our family and so proud of her many accomplishments and gifts.

Happy Birthday, Dear Hannah!  We love you!


Hannah is welcomed by Grandma and Grandpa Harsh and Rachel and Luke

Hannah is welcomed by Grandpa and Grandma Harsh and Rachel and Luke


Hannah with us at her senior recital in November

Hannah with us at her senior recital in November



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5 responses to “22 years ago today…

  1. Bob Mucha

    From: Hope for the Hills Deb, 22 years ago I didn’t have a titanium rod in my left leg where the tibia is supposeed to be, and I could remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Tell Hannah “Happy Birthday” for us and the best to you and Les. BGM To: moochsr@gmail.com Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2014 7:21 AM Subject: [New post] 22 years ago today…

    dornonmission posted: “22 years ago today, Hannah was born here in Tansen! It is one of those days that is fun to replay in our minds – and to remember with thankfulness. If you want to reminisce with us, please read on…. (I know some of this is the same as last year, but I “

    • Ali Rodgers

      A day we remember well, including the look on Debbie’s face when Risto and I (Ali) arrived with several bricks- – Actually they were just to raise the bed….
      Happy birthday Hannah.

  2. Dear Les and Debbie,
    What an amazing privilege to receive your latest HftH, as Martje and I were present in the Guest House when Les tilted baby Hannah’s head around the door to show that she had arrived!! 22 years ago Martje was almost 60 and I was 64 and probably, if we had thought about, would not have counted on receiving word that Hannah had reached her 22nd birthday and is shortly graduating in Music Education.
    Please give her our best wishes, prayers for guidance. Thank you for being her parents and we thank God for allowing us to share in this event!

    LOVE, in Him, Risto and Martje

  3. Val Watson

    It has been a privilege to know you all and to see your children grow. It was a privilege to care for you and Hannah and I remember the expat babies I had the privilege of being present at the delivery. I rarely get to be at deliveries today and do miss that element of being a midwife. Thank youbfor asking me to be part of such an important part of your lives.

  4. John Watson

    Max’s prayer was the longest ever! Probably qualifying for the Eutychus award. Thanks for interrupting him! But God heard him and answered in a big way. Love to you all.

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