This is a life that was saved

This is the season to celebrate new life – especially as we just celebrated Easter and the gift of life given to us through Christ’s death and resurrection.  HE IS RISEN! Hallelujah!

We enjoy having other missionary friends over for meals when we can – as well as our Nepali friends.  One evening recently we were enjoying a visit with some missionary doctors and one got a phone call.  He looked at the caller ID and took the call.  Later, we were happy to hear the story that he shared!

A few years ago, before we came back to Tansen, this missionary doctor had a resident with whom he got along very well.  This resident really treated him as a father and would often come to visit with him about things after work.  The resident was married – and he loved his wife very much and was quite protective of her.  This was partly due to his background and what he saw in other not so good marriages….

One of these difficult marriages was his older brother’s.  This brother lived in India with his parents, but they were all Nepali.  The brother had a girl that he was interested in and hoped to marry.  However, his father asked him to come with him on a trip to Nepal one day to see some land.  When they arrived at their destination, the father said to his son, “Here is the girl your mother and I have chosen for you and you will marry her tomorrow.”  Being a dutiful son, this man married an unknown woman and had to return to India to tell his girlfriend that he was now married to someone else.  It wasn’t a happy time!

So – when this younger brother (the resident at our hospital) got married, he chose his wife and was happy to be in a good relationship with her.  Unfortunately, their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  The resident was so upset and so concerned for his wife, that he decided that they wouldn’t ever try to have children again.

The resident spoke with the missionary about this, who counseled him to make that decision together with his wife instead of just deciding on his own.  Some time later, they became pregnant again.  At the ultrasound, however, there were problems that showed up in the development of the baby’s kidneys.  They went to 7 doctors in KTM – and all advised this couple to have an abortion.  The resident had emailed the missionary doctor with this news and asked for his prayers through this difficult time.

The couple decided to go to India where they were told that yes, there might be problems, but that they could be fixed after delivery.  The phone call which our friend received at our house was the news that a seemingly healthy baby girl had been born to this couple and that the baby was passing urine on her own!!

Our friend was in tears when I said, “You saved the baby!”  He said, “It wasn’t me, it was God.”  So true.  We don’t know what will happen with this family, but we are so thankful for the news of this new life and that this young couple didn’t listen to the doctors giving the advice to abort.

I asked about the baby later, and it turned out that the first week of her precious life was very precarious.  She was very sick, and it turns out that she will probably have only one working kidney.  But – she can live with that one and is now on the road to recovery.  Please pray for this family and for many in Nepal who face difficult decisions like this.  And thanks for your prayers for Christians around the world who seek to intervene and help in people’s lives.




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6 responses to “This is a life that was saved

  1. Isabel Huber

    I love stories like this when despair ends in joy…..


  2. Martje and Risto

    Thanks again Debbie for taking the time to keep us in the loop. We love reading your letters, which remind us to keep praying for all at Tansen! Love from Martje and Risto

  3. Sarah Acland

    Another wonderful story. How great to live among all these miracles.

      Sarah Acland 2220 Talbott Avenue Louisville, KY,USA, 40205-2226 1-502 452 1124 Cell: 502 322 5339

  4. Elaine Dorrel

    Praise Him for that little life saved!

  5. Val Watson

    The power of prayer never ceases to amaze I pray her health will continue to improve. I remember the times that prayer was answered when we just didn’t see anyway out of the situation and yet God was faithful.

  6. sifraopweg

    Nice to read your stories. Will not be able to come to the anniversary, as I am too busy doing language study in neighbouring country. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. Renske

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