The Year Monsoon Didn’t Come…

Many years ago I saw a film or documentary with the above title – and it was terrifying!  The country of Nepal is so dependent on the rains that come during monsoon – I didn’t even want to think about a year without it!

Well, even though we have had some rain, enough to create beautiful green hillsides and to grow lots of weeds! – the monsoon has not really come as it has in past years.  We saw an article in the Nepali Times newspaper when we were in Pokhara a few days ago – here is some of the story:

“After a weak start, the monsoon’s progress across Nepal has been blocked by a persistent westerly front. Meteorologists in India have predicted a late and erratic monsoon season, which will impact food production, economic growth and drive inflation. Although it is expected to start raining again in Kathmandu during the weekend, farmers in large parts of Nepal will not be able to observe paddy planting day on 29 June.   Forecasters haven’t said yet that the monsoon has failed, but deficient and late rains will have a significant impact on the economy in a country where nearly 80 per cent of farms are rain-fed.

In places like Tansen where there are no lakes or rivers to provide irrigation for the rice fields, the farmers daily watch the sky and hope for rain.  The sun beating down only makes the high humidity feel somewhat like living in a sauna….

Please pray for the “westerly front” to move away so the monsoon rains can establish themselves, creating rain for the farmers, and rain to fill the rivers for hydro electric power and rain to fill the water tanks at the hospital and the springs and lakes which will provide needed water for the rest of the year here in Nepal!



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5 responses to “The Year Monsoon Didn’t Come…

  1. Bonnie Stokes


  2. Neil Solvik

    Thanks for the news even if its not all that good. We are praying that rains will come in time. Water at the hospital?, I think we had trouble every year at the hospital all 16 years. Have you looked at the tank under the hospital? I thought is was scary and dark. There was s spring on the back side of Shri
    Nuggar where the water issued out of a rock cliff. Love from Neil

  3. Ed and Jean Hollenberg

    Yes…will do and also for the terrible drought other places like in the western U.S. It makes us realize how much we depend on the bounty God gives us Man’s ingenuity needs to keep working on the problems of water and other problems, but must follow God’s orders. Love Ed

  4. Hi, Les and Debbie! We will certainly pray. Permit me a little anecdote. During one month of March, at the monthly 2.00 PM Hospital Executive Meeting – discussion of monthly ‘section’ reports -, the extreme lack of water was discussed. Prayer was the only thing we could do – and we did. The then Hospital Administrator observed, “It never rains during the month of March”. At 4.30 PM it clouded over, at 5.00 PM it started to rain and it bucketed! It filled all Hospital tanks. Praise the Lord.
    Lots LOVE, in Him, Risto and Martje

  5. Les and Debbie,
    Thank you for sharing this desperate need. Our hearts are growing in love for this land and its people. This world is full of tragedy and pain and all that we can hold onto is that God promises good to ultimately shine, as He is Almighty, All powerful, Sovereign, Perfect Love… “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 We will join with you all in prayer that God will use all of this to greatly demonstrate His power and authority in ways we could never remotely imagine.

    We witnessed a drought situation in rural Ethiopia in 2009- It is devastating, heartbreaking and feels deeply helpless. We will be in prayer for Gods goodness to reign supreme in this this widespread need. Jeff and Kim

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