Feeling humbled

I have been feeling distinctly humbled over the past week or so…

First – I am humbled and grateful for the prayers and support of so many friends and family around the world. We are thankful for prayers for rain – as we are getting more (don’t stop praying, please!); thankful for those who are encouraging and uplifting our wonderful children; thankful for those who have sacrificially given in order that we might be here in Tansen. I am humbled.

Second – I have been humbled by the generosity of the people around me here in Tansen. Recently, our house-helper shared with us the story of a sister-in-law who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. This woman has lived next door to our helper for many years – and hasn’t spoken to our helper in many years – holding some kind of grudge against her. (This is the actually the sister-in-law of our helper’s husband who left her for another woman). Now – our helper doesn’t make a huge amount of money each month. And recently she received a gift of money from former missionaries here. She took half of the gift and had left the remainder here with us to be given to her later. Last week she asked for that money – the equivalent of almost a month’s salary – in order to give it to this estranged sister-in-law to help with her cancer treatment. I AM HUMBLED!

Next – we were invited to the home of the hospital chaplain and his family. This soft spoken man and his wife have 3 daughters of their own and have adopted a young boy as well. We entered their “home” – two small rooms with barely space to walk around the beds. We sat on one of the beds while they served us cake and tea – they were celebrating the chaplain’s birthday and had invited us to share in that with them. As we chatted, they shared their dreams of adopting more children, but they were praying for the Lord to give them more space (another room) so they could do that. They are living on the salary the chaplain earns at the hospital – the wife is busy trying to take care of the 4 children – the oldest is 7. Once again – I AM HUMBLED.

When I complain because our lights have gone out – or because the internet has stopped – or because there is no butter in the bazaar….Lord, help me to remember that I am so blessed – and to never cease to be humble!



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7 responses to “Feeling humbled

  1. Peter Carr

    Yes indeed, God needs to humble us all from time to time – Mic 6: 8

  2. Joline

    What a beautiful story! I will keep praying for all of you and the nepali people in Tansen! I do miss you!
    Be blessed!
    Love, Joline

  3. Romeo L. del Rosario

    A wish and prayer for all of us who serve in different parts of the world.

  4. Rodney Fink

    I am humbled by your call and your willingness to serve in Nepal. Having worked in Nepal, I know that the needs are great and you have answered the call to serve and to help the people with the many needs they have.
    God Bless You, the people of Nepal and your work.
    Rodney Fink

  5. Risto Gobius

    Thank you, Debbie – we NEED to be reminded that we but clay and must fully fulfil our obedience to the Lord. We can only do that be being humbly in all circumstances. I needed to hear that today, as I am laid up one week after a total knee replacement of the left knee. I must remain thankful that I am still healthy enough to undergo this procedure ……..

    Lots LOVE , in Him, Risto.

  6. Val Watson

    Thank you Debbie. Remembering all in Nepal affected by the floods and landslides. We have so much to be grateful for and yet so often we take it for granted. I find the asylum seekers I car e for are so willing to help others.

  7. sifraopweg

    Always good to be reminded,that eventhough we have powercuts etc. we ave much more than the people around us. Blessings Renske

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