Tansen Jail

We feel very safe living here in Tansen – people are so friendly to us and treat us with respect. So it is sometimes hard to believe that there is a jail located here – and that it is full of people! We aren’t sure of their crimes, but we do know that Jesus has called His people to care for those in prison.

Trying to follow that command, a group of doctors, a dentist, and some staff from the hospital (all believers) traveled to the Tansen jail the other day. After surrendering to body searches, and leaving behind cell phones and cameras (except one for which permission was granted), the group entered the jail.

Tansen jail has been around for a long time – here is a photo that was taken in the late 50’s.


The jail looks pretty much the same these days! But – they are currently doing some new building, as the jail was built for about 120, and now there are 300 inmates….

There are children who stay in the jail with their mothers until they reach a certain age… We are not sure what happens to them as they get older.

So – about 193 patients were seen that day – Les and the other male doctor saw 89, about 60 were dental patients (40 teeth were extracted!) and the remainder were female inmates seen by the female doctors. The dentist wasn’t able to see female dental patients that day, so he will go back another time to do that. The dentist also taught the inmates about dental hygiene.









The patients are given a certain amount of food each day at the jail – and there is a small store where they can purchase more if they like. Visitors are able to come in and bring money to the inmates and food items, as well.

Apparently, Tansen jail is a very popular one – the climate is lovely here, the views are nice, and there is running water all the time (that’s even better than at our house!). So – arrested people try to get sent to Tansen jail!

Thanks for your prayers for these people – may the love of Jesus, given through the service of the doctors and dentist, plant a seed in their hearts which will grow into faith!



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5 responses to “Tansen Jail

  1. Thanks for this Debbie. I had a vague awareness of the jail but no more than that so it’s been good to see some photos and appreciate the needs there.

  2. As they say in Orstralia, “Good on yer, mate ! A wonderful initiative in a world full of lack of compassion …..”

    LOVE in Him, Risto and Martje

  3. Romeo L. del Rosario

    Thank you very much for the news, Debbie. Inspiring!

  4. Ed and Jean Hollenberg

    Thanks for the story of the jail visit. I am currently still nurturing the sschool of response/aability in the Miami Corrrectional Facility which houses 3000 prisoners. If you visit my website you will find what I am doing in the prisons.Website is powerfulpartnering13c.com. Still awaiting to send our gift to hannah. Need to know how best to send the money. Love Ed and Jean

  5. Sarah Acland

    Another super letter! I would love to come to Tansen sometime and maybe talk about the jail and the new mental health center. Val Harwood and I have talked about this, but so far no firm plans. You are doing wonderful work, it would be great even just to see it.

    Sent from my iPad Sarah Acland


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