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Travels By Faith

I (Debbie) am part of a “Didi-Bahini” group (Didi means older sister, and Bahini means younger sister, so it’s a ladies group) which meets every Sunday afternoon. These ladies are believers but attend different churches here in Tansen, so it’s a good chance for me to meet some women who I wouldn’t normally see at church.



Some of the ladies in the didi-bahini group


One of the regular attendees is a lady with 3 children – 2 teenagers and one small boy – whose husband works in the hospital. She is originally from the Darjeeling area – which is a long way from Tansen. She hadn’t seen her mother for 13 years – so she made a trip with her children over the holiday time here in Nepal.

Yesterday at the group meeting, she was sharing about part of her travel experiences… She said they traveled all night on a bus – arriving about 5 am in the Darjeeling area. They needed to catch a jeep from the bus stop to their home. The first jeep that was there asked them for 1400 rupees to make the trip. This seemed quite expensive to them – just for reference, a hospital entry ticket is about 50 rupees, and a regular bus ticket from Tansen to KTM is 600 to 700 rupees. So – they decided to wait and try another vehicle.

When the next one came, the price quoted to them was 2,200 rupees! Her older son was starting to get a bit cross by this time, but my friend started praying….

The third vehicle came along, and she asked – “How much?”…”3,900 rupees” Oh, No! Now her son was very upset saying they should have paid the original 1400 rupees… But, my friend started praying seriously and asked God to help them to get to her mom’s place in a safe vehicle and for a reasonable amount of money.

While they were standing there, another vehicle came along going quite quickly. They managed to flag it down, but the driver said – “We’re in a hurry” They asked about a ride and asked how much – but the driver just said, “Hop in – we’re in a rush! We’ll sort out the price later.” Well – they all got into the vehicle, but my friend said she just couldn’t relax – she kept imagining a high price being quoted to them at the end…. so she kept on praying!

When they got to their destination, the vehicle let them out and she asked the price again…. The driver said, “We’re late for picking up some other tourists – don’t worry – no charge!” My friend threw her hands in the air and yelled, “Praise the Lord!”

She told us she used this to share with her son that God does care about all of our lives – and that sometimes we have to be patient and wait for His best for us! A good lesson for me, as well!

Keep traveling the good road – watching for God’s best for you!



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