2015 Friends of Tansen is here!

United Mission Hospital Tansen has relesased the new Friends of Tansen! This link has a little bit of trouble… it works occasionally. We are working on getting that fixed so you can see it and will keep the blog updated as we make progress.




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5 responses to “2015 Friends of Tansen is here!

  1. Peter A Block

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading Friends of Tansen on my computer. The stories were great and I know that this represents a significant savings over sending it snail mail. God bless you all.

    Peter and Arlene Block

  2. Phyl Asher

    The link worked for me! Thanks, God Bless Phyl Asher

  3. Ed and Jean Hollenberg

    Thanks for sending he new update. I had no idea of the scope of the mission at Tansen. I was especially inpressed with the outreach to the prisons because of my efforts in the prisons here in northern Indiana. Tkhe descriptions in the various areas was much appreciated. God’s blesssings on your work and compassion. Lovee Ed and Jean

  4. Padadean@aol.com

    this came up loud and clear for me!! thanks for sending. Aunt Bernie

  5. Margaret Fain

    Nicely done Deborah! I enjoyed reading every page. Keep up the good work and we hope to see you soon. Safe travels as you head back to the USA.

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