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By their fruits….

Krishna is like any other 9 year old boy in Nepal; always full of energy, trying to avoid doing chores for his mom, and often playing cricket with his friends. Except for one difference; he has type 1 diabetes. His body no longer makes any insulin, which means that he can’t properly process sugar. Fortunately Krishna was brought to our hospital in time, given the correct diagnosis, and started on a treatment schedule of twice daily insulin injections. He started feeling well again, and was sent home with instructions about the injections, as well as diet and exercise information.
Unfortunately his mother was not satisfied with our assessment that Krishna would never be cured, and that he would need these shots for the rest of his life. She went to an ayurvedic clinic across the border in India. (This is a system of medicine traditional in South Asia, using herbal treatments, incantations, and some surgeries.) The clinic advertised that they treated “sugar disease”. The “doctor” there assured her that he could help. This person prescribed some pills for Krishna to take, and instructed his mother on how to reduce the dose of insulin a little each day. Sadly, his symptoms gradually returned. After stopping his insulin all together last week, he was always thirsty, and started to breathe faster. Finally when he became confused and then unresponsive, she decided to bring Krishna back to our hospital. When he arrived on Friday morning, near the end of my night of on-call duty, he was in full blown diabetic ketoacidosis, with dangerously high sugar levels. Thankfully he responded to the insulin and fluids we gave him, and is making a good recovery.
Ayurvedic medicine is strongly tied to the Hindu belief system. In fact, the records of Krishna’s treatment that his mother brought have printed on the top the clinic’s motto; “We treat, God heals.” This is very close to our motto; “We serve, Jesus heals.”
I was reminded of the words of Jesus, “You will know them by their fruits.” We are so thankful for the many good fruits and answers to prayer that people have received after treatment at our hospital. We can only pray that others won’t suffer or even die after the bad treatments or advice such as Krishna and his family received.
We also pray that we will be able to convince Krishna’s mother that the best things she can do for him is to keep him on the insulin program. We also pray that they will experience the healing power that there is in Jesus’ name.  (Written by Les)

Krishna in the hospital

Krishna in the hospital



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