Get More for your Money at Tansen Hospital!

Most of you know that Les had a fall on his bicycle over 2 weeks ago – on Oct. 9. He had to go to the Emergency Room ($3) and had a couple of x-rays ($8). He was given a brace for his broken collar bone and a half cast (back slab) for his broken elbow.

DSC01889 DSC01891

We also had to go to the nearby Lumbini Medical College for a CT scan of the elbow – a 3D reconstruction that cost $66.

The orthopedic surgeons in Tansen decided to operate on Les on Oct. 15. He was on call the night before, and since he couldn’t eat breakfast that day anyway, he just stayed at the hospital and got checked in and ready for surgery.


Our two very highly trained orthopedic surgeons (both Christian Nepali doctors who trained at Vellore in India) screwed a plate onto his collar bone to stabilize it, and after examining the elbow, decided to just put a cast on. (They put a very large one on – we got the feeling they didn’t trust him not to try to move it!) 

I admit I was more concerned about this surgery – both because of the general anesthetic and also because they went in not knowing what they would do with his elbow. I was helped by friends and family who were praying specifically for Les (and me!) that day – and especially by Sarah and Ana who sat with me in the waiting room (on very hard wooden benches) for about 3 ½ hours – and who kept me entertained and busy chatting and drinking Nepali chiya! I was also very thankful for Becky, the excellent anesthetist who kept an eye on things during surgery.

DSC01924 DSC01926

Les hadn’t wanted to stay in the hospital overnight, but coming out of the anesthesia took a bit longer than he anticipated, so he was admitted into the private room, which is at the end of the pediatric ward in the hospital. (cost for one night – $11) I sat with him all afternoon, and Hannah stopped by to visit as well! (She was in Tansen chaperoning a mission trip of kids from her school).


We heard the pediatric patients running their little cars up and down the hall outside the room, and lots of people stopped by to see how Les was doing. Our good friend, Ganesh, stayed overnight in the room with Les.


After the doctors visited on rounds on Friday morning, Les was more than ready to get home! I went to pay the bill – the total cost of everything Les had done (from the ER to the CT scan to the surgery and the private room) was just over $400.

We could pay this – and laugh about what the costs would have been in the U.S. However, there are many here for whom this would be more than 2 or 3 months salary – and very difficult to pay. We share this little story just to let you know how far your gifts can go at the mission hospital here in Tansen! We were so thankful for the good care that Les received here when he needed it – and we are happy to be able to be part of providing high quality care for the thousands of people coming to our hospital. We couldn’t provide care to many people too poor to pay even these seemingly inexpensive prices without your generous giving and support.

Once again, this year there will be a chance for you to give through the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries on Giving Tuesday – coming up on December 1. The first $1 million in gifts will be matched – (up to $2500 for a single gift).* But even better is that 100% of what you give comes directly here to Tansen to provide free care for poor patients, and to help us purchase needed equipment for the hospital to use. And (for our U.S. based friends) – you can get your tax deduction!

If you are interested in supporting either the work at Tansen Mission Hospital, or supporting our salary so that we can be here, please go online to  on Dec. 1. (Of course, you are welcome to give at other times, as well!) 

The advance number for Tansen Mission Hospital is #13421A. For Lester Dornon, it is #10919Z and for Deborah Dornon, #10920Z.

*Please note that donations made between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT) could receive matching funds. Global Ministries will allocate matching funds dollar for dollar up to the first $1 million in gifts to Advance projects received online on Dec. 1, 2015, between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. CT. A maximum of $2,500 per individual gift to a project will be dispersed as matching funds. A project may receive a maximum of $25,000 in matching funds.

Thanks for your love, support and encouragement for us and for God’s work here in Nepal.



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3 responses to “Get More for your Money at Tansen Hospital!

  1. Rodney Fink

    Thanks for the update on the treatment for Les. So glad he is doing well and will soon be fully recovered. Your work is wonderful. Blessings, Rodney & Bertha Fink >

  2. Margaret Fain

    Sure glad he is getting good care. Yes, the price was cheap but tell Les, to be careful in the future sporting endeavors he makes ! Thinking of you both ! Love, Maggie

  3. Shirley Mainstone

    As I am now in a Nursing Home Hostel and can’t use computer,please take me off your mailing list. Thank you Shirley Mainstone

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