Wedding Season

It’s wedding season in Nepal! There are certain days and months of the year here which are deemed to be auspicious for starting your lives together! And – long engagements are unheard of here in Nepal. As a matter of fact, when I went to the hospital maintenance department for devotions on Monday morning (which I try to attend every week) it was announced that one of the young men had gotten married on Friday! (No advance notice had been given as far as I knew!)

So – I got to the office on Monday morning (3 days ago) and received an invitation to a wedding that was to be held on Wednesday (yesterday). This wasn’t a good start – because Wednesday already was booked with too many activities!

When Les and I met at home for lunch, we discussed the wedding invitation – and Les then showed me that we had received another 2 invites – one for that day (Monday) and one for Tuesday! We decided we couldn’t do Monday or Tuesday, but the father, mother, and sister of the bride on Wed were all good friends, so we made a plan.

The invitation stated that the wedding party would be at a local guest house/hotel from 2 pm to 8 pm. I already had a gathering planned for 3, Les had plans for his Sahalu game at 3:30, and at 5:30 there was a farewell dinner and party planned for a missionary team family who is leaving in a week. Hmmmm – how to make it across town and back during that time????

We ordered a taxi to come to the hospital at 1:45 to pick us up on Wed. That morning we phoned to the father of the bride to let him know we planned to arrive right at 2 – because there is something known here as “Nepali time”. In other words – nothing starts on time – especially weddings.

Debbie dressed in her sari, and Les put on his fancy vest, and we rode to the party location – arriving just at 2. The only person there from the family was the father of the bride. We enjoyed chatting with him for about 15 minutes – and he started apologizing for the lateness of his family… A few minutes later, the mom and sister of the bride came in. At about 2:40, they invited us to start eating – there is always a feast served at these functions. So – we filled our plates and enjoyed yummy rice with beans, curried vegetables, spicy paneer, goat meat, etc. By the time we finished eating, the groom had come in, so we were introduced to him.

Salomi & Deb

Salomi (bride’s sister) with Debbie. Salomi used to be the biomedical engineer at Tansen hospital – now she teaches in KTM. She and Debbie used to do Zumba together.

Salomi, Bishop & Dhana

Bishop and Dhana, parents of the bride, along with Salomi. Bishop is the head cashier at Tansen hospital, and Dhana is head surgical nurse at the hospital.

We finally had to leave at 3 – Debbie was already 15 minutes late for her own previously planned program! We enjoyed the party – but never got to see the bride! We saw her photos later on FB – she did look quite beautiful!



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2 responses to “Wedding Season

  1. Margaret Fain

    Looks like a fun time & my are you two busy ! The time line reminds me of when we were in South America and we had to go on “their” time ! Always late ! Hugs to you both !

  2. Sarah Acland

    That’s a lovely story, and with so many memories attached!

    Sent from my iPad Sarah Acland


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