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What is our value?

This morning I read the verse from Philippians 2:3….Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

As I thought about that, I remembered a talk I heard once about how we (sometimes unconsciously) assign differing values to different people.  We see it acted out all around us.  Recently, I have become more aware of it here in Nepal.  Perhaps it has just hit closer to home…

One of our doctors recently traveled out to a remote part of western Nepal to do a medical camp.  He and some other medical workers visited several villages and tried to offer the care and advice that was possible.  As they arrived in one village, they heard about a woman who had just died the previous day.  Why?  Because there was no way to transport her to a hospital or medical facility.  That night, the doctor and some friends had their rest interrupted by a group of young, wealthy Nepalis who arrived by helicopter to party and enjoy the views.  The helicopter waited for the group and took off the next day with them to travel wherever they planned to visit next.  So – it wasn’t really true that there is no transport available – it was true that there was no transport available for a poor village woman.

When I was sharing this story with a friend this morning, she talked of a time when she lived in another remote area, and had a woman come to the hospital there who was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy.  That hospital was about 20 minutes from the local airport, so they phoned right away to see if a plane was there and a seat available.  They were told that there was a plane, and a seat, but that the pilot was in a hurry (for his own personal reasons) so even though they begged the airport personnel to hold the plane for 20 minutes, they wouldn’t, and the plane took off.  The woman died in that village hospital – because she had no value in their eyes.

What is our value?  Is it because of our citizenship?  our wealth?  our job title?  More and more I am drawn to Jesus and the fact that we are all of equal value – because we are all created by God and made in His image.  What more value do we need?

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