Who is responsible for them?

A few weeks ago, our head of Social Services/Pastoral care in the hospital posted this photo on his facebook page.

From the Kantipur News in Nepal

From the Kantipur News in Nepal

His post read, “This young man was treated worse than an animal – for six months he was chained to a post in a shed because of mental illness.  Who is responsible for him?”

Pun Narayan (the head of social services) has been passionate in his campaign to try to help people in Nepal suffering from mental illness.  There are no govt supports or structures to help people, and families either keep people hidden away, or send them out into the streets and abandon them.

A couple of years ago, our hospital helped to start the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center.  When local police find mentally ill people on the streets, they bring them to the mission hospital to get help for them.  After they have been treated, and are ready to be released, there is a problem.  With no family or friends to help most of these people, they just end up on the streets again.  This “half way” house was set up to try to help these people learn to function and take care of themselves even without a family to help.

For several years, we have been renting a place for the NLPRC, but finally they were able to purchase a nice piece of land and have started building a home there.  This land has its own water source (very important in Tansen!), fields which can be used to plant rice or graze animals, and space for the residents to do other crafts or work to help create income.  Les visited the site in April, and Debbie saw it just last week.  You can see the progress that has been made – and we would ask for your prayers as the first building is finished and the residents are able to move in and start taking care of the land around them.  Please pray also for Pun Narayan that his vision and dreams would come to fruition – so that one day in Nepal there will be no more people chained in cattle sheds or suffering due to mental illness.

Looking down on the building site - April

Looking down on the building site – April



The empty rice fields in April



Just getting started – April


The building in June!

The building in June!



Rice fields – more ready for planting now that some rains have started



The building is coming along nicely.



Pun Narayan shares his joy in the progress of the new building.



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4 responses to “Who is responsible for them?

  1. Great letter on mental health. A coworker of mine here is Working on getting the local American church to take responsibility for mentally ill.

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  2. Dear Debbie and Les,
    Thank you very much for this latest Hope for the Hills describing Hope for The ‘Chained Ones’. Praise the Lord this medieval solution to mental illness is being fought with LOVE-thinking. Please give Pun Narayan and co-workers our sincere greetings` and gratitude in the Lord.

    Lots LOVE, in Him, Risto and Martje

  3. Ed and Jean Hollenberg

    Good to know of the new half-way house. America is just awakening to the same problem. There are not enough houses to meet the need. And, sorry to say, many churches don’t see the need enough to rise and meet the opportunity. Thanks for the story and the progress.as always Ed and Jean

  4. Sarah Acland

    This is really wonderful news. And it has happened very quickly!
    Please give Pun Narayan Pandey my most enormous congratulations on achieving this goal. It is sheer grit that has brought this about.

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