How You Can Help

First and foremost, we would ask for prayer not only for the Dornons and the other missionaries, but for those they are going to serve. The purpose of this mission is to bring the message of Christ to the people of Nepal. We would ask that you pray specifically:

  • that Les and Debbie’s lives would be a shining light in a dark place, a witness to their friends and neighbors
  • for peace in the country of Nepal in the midst of political upheaval and for rebuilding after the earthquake
  • for wisdom for the hospital leadership as they attempt to meet the needs of as many people as possible
  • for the church in Nepal, that they would be empowered by the Holy Spirit to effectively minister to their country

Those who are interested in donating financially, visit Donations can be directed to specific areas using codes that are listed below. Money can be given for salary support specifically for the Dornons or for free care for the poor at the hospital in Tansen.

For salary support:

  • Lester Dornon- 10919Z
  • Deborah Dornon- 10920Z

For free care for the poor at the hospital:

  • 13421A

Those interested in writing to the Dornons can use their email: or their “snail mail” address here:

Les & Debbie Dornon

c/o United Mission to Nepal (Tansen)

Box 126

Kathmandu, NEPAL


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